MOFAD Lab – Flavor

Smell synthesizers, flavor stations, and MSG – the first MOFAD exhibition takes on the flavor industry.Continue Reading

littleBits – Launch Videos

Introducing flagship products from the electronics company in unexpected ways.Continue Reading

The Dog

Titles and visual design for the acclaimed documentary.Continue Reading

Shutterstock – Show Me Something

An online video about online videos, meta meta.Continue Reading

littleBits / MoMA Window Displays

Absurdist kinetic sculptures motivated by tiny electronics.Continue Reading

Museum of Food and Drink

A first-of-its-kind cultural institution takes shape.Continue Reading

Karl Zahn

The eminent furniture and lighting designer gets white squares.Continue Reading

Global Vision Awards

Topography and typography for Travel+Leisure's annual awards.Continue Reading


Creating some headroom for a new film development company. Continue Reading


Photoillustrations and 3D work for publications of high repute.Continue Reading

Banana Republic Wall

A lush ambient background that moves so the models don’t have to.Continue Reading

To The Blind All Things Are Sudden

Performative design? Part of a group show at MoMA/PS1's performance dome.Continue Reading

Planet Rock

A hard look at the destructive drug that helped birth hip-hop.Continue Reading

Sephora Holiday

A crisp and minimal winter beauty landscape.Continue Reading

Whitney Groundbreaking

Announcing a new downtown museum for Americans.Continue Reading


Handbuilt photoillustration for RISD’s quarterly mag.Continue Reading

Make Plans for Summer

Cute and unconventional summer fun for Kate Spade.Continue Reading

Welcome to the Family

People love their Porsches, says IFC.Continue Reading


Conceptual typeface begets graphic tee, sweater and catalog cover.Continue Reading

NY77: The Coolest Year in Hell

The frantic and fantastic story of the year 1977 in NYC.Continue Reading


Kicking off the Seed/MoMA Elastic Mind talk series with a visual puzzle.Continue Reading

Move 3: Under the Influence

Unusual connections are drawn for the AIGA motion conference reprise.Continue Reading

Move: Stories in Motion

The AIGA motion conference is given a lo-fi, handbuilt identity.Continue Reading